25 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is something we all can use a little more of in our lives.  If we make a conscious effort to add kindness to our daily to do list, we will eventually live in a community filled with it.  Whether you do one or all—we would love to hear from you and follow your journey with #RAOK.

25 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Candy cane bomb a parking lot. Search the internet for more on this and find really cute ways to gleefully spread cheer with candy.

  2. Homemade gift for the mailman. Rain or shine, snow or sleet—people!

  3. Make cards for Meals on Wheels. A homemade card can go a long way to make a homebound individual’s holiday season a little brighter and you can even involve the whole family.  Give finished cards to SourcePoint in Delaware County.

  4. Leave quarters at the laundromat. Or at a bubble gum machine. Or put some change in a meter before you leave.  It really doesn’t take a lot to give someone that ‘score!’ feeling and lift them for the rest of the day.

  5. Deliver baked treats to fire house or police station. We depend on these first responders when our nightmares become reality.  A small token of appreciation via food is a very welcome thing during long winter shifts.

  6. Shovel a neighbor’s drive way. Not being able to do this chore for yourself can be humiliating—not to mention hazardous.

  7. Leave someone a complimentary note. Spend your day trying to catch someone doing something good—you may have more than one!

  8. Babysit a friend’s kids for free. “Go see the new movie.  I got this,” said the bestest friend ever.

  9. Give someone warmth this winter by holding a coat or sock drive with your office/church/family. Don’t throw away good winter coats—please donate.  New socks are very needed at any non-profit serving the economically disadvantaged or homeless.

  10. Share your talent! Sing carols or traditional sing along songs at a retirement community.  Bring popcorn and cranberries to string on outside tree for the birds.  Fix a neighbors car, change a high light bulb, or fix a hot meal for someone.

  11. Donate books to the Literacy Coalition of Delaware County or the Liberty Community Center.

  12. See a family or group struggling to capture a photo of all in front of the beautiful downtown decorations? Offer to take their photo!

  13. Leave coupons next to items at the store. I especially loved coupon angels when my child was little. Baby stuff is expensive!

  14. Pay it forward. Start a pay it forward line at a drive through.  Make someone’s day with a free coffee or meal and perhaps give them the opportunity to pay it forward themselves.  I love these and the people working at the drive through get to have their day brightened too!

  15. Let someone go ahead of you in line. Give the person behind you a break.

  16. Pick up litter in a public place. Not your cup?  It is your community.  Do you like it looking nice?  Do the world a favor and pick it up anyway.

  17. Leave a 100% tip (or more!) for your favorite server. Don’t have one?  You will still get a kick out of it.  No matter what, they are working hard taking care of you and deserve a little joy during the holiday season.

  18. Pamper a fellow diner. Send a round of drinks to that couple on date night, send an appetizer or dessert to the family across the room, or even hand a $10 gift card to someone on the way in the restaurant you are exiting.  It will be the best ten bucks you ever spent.  Except for duct tape.  And coffee.  OK—I see a whole other list about to form and will stop there.

  19. When is the last time you got flowers delivered to you? I bet for most this is a very rare treat.  Send some to someone.  Buy a poinsettia or one of those super cute rosemary bushes in the shape of a Christmas tree for a neighbor—in fact buy two.  You deserve some kindness too.

  20. Pick a charity and donate time, goods, or even money. If your issue is hunger, did you know that even your used grocery bags could help someone in need?  This item that costs nothing for you goes a long way in helping shoppers take their groceries home from the pantry without burdening the pantry with supplying bags.  No bags?  No $$?  What about some time?  Pantries and non-profits need help year-round.  I bet you could find four hours at some point during the year to work a shift to help our community.  Pick your charity or issue and think of something you can commit to do once a month.

  21. Write a letter. Is there someone in your life that has had a major impact on you but doesn’t know it? One year I even wrote to Cindy Lauper and Madonna thanking them for teaching me about girl power.  What if this person is closer to home?  A teacher?  A babysitter?  A grandparent?  Who helped to make you who you are?  Pick one and take a half an hour to let them know.

  22. Send a care package or a card to a veteran. In Delaware County contact the Red Cross for guidelines and where to take them.

  23. Ding Dong Ditched (with a care package). Go jingle or jolly or whatever Pinterest is calling it this year.  Make a cute card and leave a little something nice on a neighbor’s doorstep as a surprise.

  24. Forgive someone. If you just pictured someone after reading that you know what you need to do.

  25. Concentrate on smiling and saying thank you.  No need to go full Buddy Elf and declare that smiling is your favorite.  See what a difference concentrating on being a pleasant participant in humanity can have on others and YOU.

Blog author Melinda Metz is the Senior Leadership Coordinator at Connections Volunteer Center.  She can be reached at mmetz@helplinedelmor.org.