Kids on the Block

Kids on the Block, Inc. is an award-winning international educational program created in 1977 by Barbara Aiello. The free educational program uses child size puppets to carry out its mission to make the world a safer place for children.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to educating children to recognize danger from predatory adults and bullying peers and through positive attitude affect behavioral change. The highly trained puppeteers use a form of puppetry based on the Japanese theatre form called Bunraku (pronounced Boon-rah-koo). The puppeteers dress in black and seem to disappear as the audience becomes entranced by the puppets. The puppets have distinctive personalities and portray, through carefully scripted material, a world of real life situations.

Committed volunteers from the community use this entertaining medium of puppetry to present educational programs for elementary school-aged children. The lively and upbeat scripts create an environment of open communication for the audience. Each performance includes scheduled question and answer periods during which audiences interact directly with the puppet characters. During this time, myths and misconceptions are replaced with facts and sensitivity.

The program topics (1st and 3rd grade only) currently being presented by Kids on the Block include:

Peer Pressure (3rd grade)
Bullying Prevention (1st & 3rd)
Sexual Abuse Prevention (3rd)
Physical Abuse Prevention (3rd)
Healthy Habits (1st)

Each performance of three skits lasts from 45-55 minutes and is performed for groups of approximately 50-60 students.

Volunteer help is needed to help plan events, assist in coordination or becoming a puppeteer.

The founder of The Kids on the Block, Barbara Aiello, is coming to Delaware on February 11, 2019 for a professional day of training. Sign up now and help children replace myths and misconceptions with facts and sensitivity

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