My Message
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My Message IS Getting Through… Isn’t it? Communicating More Effectively with Older Adults and Their Families


Effective communication is always a challenge.  Misunderstandings as a result of poor or inadequate communication are very common with people of any age and any circumstance.  Additionally, families often do not communicate well with each other under stressful conditions.  However, as people age, they often face additional barriers.  More than half of older adults have significant vision or hearing impairments which makes communication more complicated.  Older adults and their children often have different concerns and motivations and these can lead to miscommunication.  Also language and cultural barriers become more pronounced in old age as people have to access the health care system. This workshop looks at these barriers and their implications for both professionals and older adults.  It then provides practical techniques for assessing communication skills and improving them despite the presence of these barriers.  It considers a variety of types of communication formats:  face to face, phone contact, internet (web pages & e-mail), written (including instructions, newsletters and signs).

Learning objectives: By the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able:

  • To identify the indicators of effective and ineffective communication for those who work with older adults and their families.
  • To describe the common effects/indicators of sensory impairment (vision & hearing) as well as common areas of misunderstanding that arise as a result of these impairments.
  • To describe the common generational differences in concerns and motivations and their implications for communication
  • To identify common barriers around language and culture that those working in aging might encounter
  • To provide practical techniques for minimizing these communication barriers and maximizing effective communication in a variety of areas.

About the Presenter:

Paula works part time at the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging as an Outreach & Education Specialist. As such, she has presented over 875 workshops in the last decade.  Paula holds a Master’s Degree in Gerontology from Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University and a License in Social Work in the State of Ohio. She is a PAC Approved Trainer under Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach Certification. She is developer of the “Aging In Ohio” course which is required of many professionals who work with older adults.  In addition, she is one two developers of the “Fundamentals of Guardianship” course sponsored by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Judicial College.

SAVE $10 by taking both this class & A Clinicians Guide to Ethical Issues in Working with Older/Disabled Adult and Their Families on September 9, 1:00-4:15 PM.

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My Message IS Getting Through… Isn’t it?
Communicating More Effectively with Older Adults and Their Families

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (AM Session)
Presenter: Paula Taliferro, MGS, LSW, from COAAA


Cost $45.00 / 3 CEUs for
Counselors and Social Workers

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