Ohio Living Sarah Moore

Ohio Living Sarah Moore is located in the wonderful community of Delaware. So many people have reached out asking what they can do to help their residents during this difficult time. Residents are certainly feeling the impact of social distancing and they have a special request for you.

They would love to receive video clips, photos, and/or email from their loved ones as well as the community at large. This would be a great task for youngsters- video them singing a song, sending well wishes, telling a joke, send a photo of a picture they drew or a thinking of you letter. Your participation in this project would help Spark Joy across our community and will hopefully help keep the kids busy.

If interested, please send your Sparks of Joy to abanks@ohioliving.org. If meant for a specific loved one, please place their name in the email subject line.

Even from a distance you have to power to provide comfort and love.