Sages and Seekers

Developing Empathy through the Power of Conversation

Sages & Seekers is a free 8-week intergenerational program designed to bring together teens and adults aged 55 or older to share their unique gifts. Older adults have a vital and important role; they are the keepers of the memories and the wisdom. You, our Elders, have so much to offer the world; your maturity and experience allows for a larger perspective of life from which the younger generations can learn.

The goal of this program is to pair you with a local high school teen with whom you will meet once a week, during school hours, to share your life experiences. Past participants rave about the program!!!

Your commitment involves 8 consecutive weekly meetings of an hour or less. 
It is very important that you attend each meeting in the session as they build upon each other.

Each week starts with an icebreaker to facilitate the conversations, so there is no pressure. All you need to do is share who you are, and your Seeker will weave your conversations into an essay honoring you.

Many students say that they like having a real conversation with someone! Sages report feeling more connected to their community. The presentations on the final week are a celebration. The Seekers will read the essays they have written about you and the experience. You are encouraged to bring guests to the Presentation, to share your experience.

For Winter 2021 Connections is hosting the program virtually in partnership with Big Walnut High School. Zoom will be used for all meetings. Adults and students will be matched and hold their one-on-one conversations in Zoom breakout rooms. This session is full.

Sages must be aged 55 or older to participate. Background check required at no cost to the participant.

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Honoring Elders. Empowering Teens. Building Community.

“My experience with the program has been fulfilling and clearly rewarding. I have met a stranger who open my eyes.”  ~~ Sage, Fall 2019

“I learned that someone 40 or so years older than you can be a good friend and they have more knowledge to help guide you through issues.” ~~ Seeker, Fall 2019