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Setting Healthy Boundaries: How to Communicate What You Need for Successful Work-Life Balance

Establishing and consistently following through with boundaries allows focus, time and attention on what really matters to you; they are an integral part of sustaining self-care – practicing the ability to hold yourself accountable for creating the life you really want. This course examines how to create and maintain healthy boundaries through effective communication practices that support fostering well-being and cultivating positive personal and professional relationships.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define boundaries and explore why they are important.
  • Broaden understanding of boundary-types.
  • Identify signs that indicate when boundaries are needed.
  • Learn and practice communication techniques for healthy boundary setting.
Event Cost:

$45.00 / 3 CEUs for Counselors and Social Workers

Event Information:

Setting Healthy Boundaries: How to Communicate What You Need for Successful Work-Life Balance


December 5, 2023
9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (AM Session)

Ayanna Jordan, Assistant Program Director, New Directions Career Center
Jami Phillips, Employment Specialist, New Directions Career Cen er

Cost $45.00 / 3 CEUs
Counselors and Social Workers

About the Presenter(s):

Ayanna Jordan

Ayanna Jordan is the Assistant Program Director for New Directions Career Center. She leads coordination, facilitation, and curriculum instruction for the Center’s career education services such as Workshop Wednesdays and Your Employment Success, a core career development course for women. Ayanna is committed to purpose-filled work that provides safe, inclusive and affirming spaces for women to thrive and build community while working on their goals. She is a certified personal coach who takes a trauma-informed approach to self-care education. Ayanna has over 20 years of professional experience in the higher education and nonprofit sectors – addressing equal educational access for first-generation college students and developing quality women-centered resources and programming that sparks personal growth and ignites real transformational change.

Jami Phillips

Jami Phillips is the Employment Specialist for New Directions Career Center. She received her undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication. She started her career in recruiting with Management Recruiters International where she worked for 15 years with employers in central Ohio to land candidates. In 2006 Jami joined New Directions as a volunteer, assisting with outreach activities and classroom programming. After nine years volunteering, in 2015 she joined the staff as Employment Specialist. Working with clients to assist them in their job search and secure positions that help them achieve stability, as well as connecting Central Ohio companies to New Directions graduates, is something she is passionate about. In addition to assisting clients with employment services, Jami coordinates mentorship for the E³ (Educate. Empower. Elevate.) College & Training Prep and Tech Women of Color programs.